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Psychological causes: Anxiety, mood swings and anger are linked to diminished 

A large number of women followed a consistent course of Femvigor as advised by their doctors. Women have also experienced the bliss of many orgasms with Femvigor. It helps a woman to completely enjoy a sensuous sexual intercourse.

Enhance your Sexual STAMINA and VIGOR

-FemVigor enhances your female libido and helps you live a healthier life.We think, now there are no doubts left why FemVigor is better than a long row of traditional preparation, which we can see on the shelves of drug stores!

It is still chosen over other female sexual enhancement products as, in addition to the above features, it revitalizes the decreased energy levels of a female body. It gives quick and effective results as well as takes care of sensitive and delicate areas of the female reproductive system.

 FemVigor™ is the unique herbal supplement to enhance the sexual desire and stamina in females!

Come join the FemVigor revolution and see the difference!

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Femvigor has helped thousands of women in the absence of female sexual enhancement drugs. Many women started using Femvigor as it helped them enhance their interest in sexual activities and also eased the dryness of vaginal tract. It has thus made its way into women’s most preferred lists, since the last four years.

It is still chosen over other female aphrodisiac products as, in addition to the above features, it revitalizes the decreased energy levels of a female body. It gives quick and effective results as well as takes care of sensitive and delicate areas of the female reproductive system.

As many as 5 out of 10 women have Female Sexual Dysfunction at some point in their lives. Most women choose to ignore their condition and end up destroying precious relationships. Is it worthwhile to keep silent about a condition when it is completely curable?

Like men, women too want sex. Sex brings intimacy with her partner and satisfies her hunger for closeness. She feels more attractive and of course it brings her immense pleasure. But there are times when just about every woman experiences the symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). You withdraw into a shell and sometimes prefer not to share the problems you are facing with anyone. You avoid sex as you lack arousal to reach an orgasm. There is intense itching and tightness due to vaginal dryness. Sometimes there is bleeding. Your libido has reached rock bottom! You want to please your man and your own sexual needs to feel loved and wanted but FSD is holding you back!

If you suffer from FSD, you would not have an interest in sexual activity and even feel itching and burning sensations of the vaginal lining. You cannot carry out your daily activities comfortably. This condition becomes very agonizing as the vaginal skin tightens with increasing dryness. You cannot get pleasure from sexual intercourse as it becomes painful. At times it may be followed by slight bleeding.

Recent survey shows that using anti-depressants are also known to cause FSD.

Thyroid problems

Eminent doctors were still in the process of finding the right medication for their patients with this condition. Introduction of FemVigor into the market has now made it the No.1 choice of most doctors to get rid of sexual problems faced by women. Doctors confidently prescribe Fem Vigor as the ultimate solution to this problem. FemVigor has found a place in the hearts of almost every woman as it contains natural and safe ingredients that are trustworthy.

All women out there who are going through sexual dysfunctions can re-ignite their sexual life with a promising, reliable female sex pill "FemVigor"

Most men already had a solution to their sexual problems. This was the time when Viagra® ruled the roost. Most women would just sit and watch when their men popped the pill and get ready for sex while the women found it hard to maintain any sort of sexual appetite whatsoever. So how do you fare in your sexual life? Are you in a similar position? Don’t you wish to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest and to adopt the safest possible path to your goal? FemVigor is your solution. Continue reading to know more about the effectiveness of FemVigor.

You too must have tried all or most of the remedial measures. Has it produced any change in your condition? Probably, it has not! These methods are only superficial. They temporarily relieve you. They DO NOT return your sexual desire. So, once you stop using them you will be back to your distressed state.

FemVigor – A Woman’s Best Friend

Smoking and alcoholism

Causes of FSD

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